Tina Fey net worth

Tina Fey net worth

Net Worth: $45 million

About Tina Fey

Born in Pennsylvania, Tina Fey net worth has been said to have an estimate of 45 million dollars. Moreover, her annual salary is said to reach 500 thousand dollars for every episode the actress appears in. In addition to her acting career, Tina Fey net worth comes from other sources such as involvement into comedy, producing and writing. One of her first jobs in acting was performing with “Second City Improvisation” group from Chicago. Her career went on so well that after few years she became a script writer for the TV show called “Saturday Night Live”.

After some trials, she got the position of the main writer for the show in 1999. In addition, Tina Fey got her own segment in the show which she hosted and which was entitled “Weekend Update”. Talking about her accomplishments and awards, the actress has won many of them. She received seven Emmy awards, four Screen Actors Guild Awards, four Writers Guild of America Awards and three Golden Globe awards. Thus, it seems that Tina Fey is loved not only by the public, but also she receives positive comments from the side of the critics.

Talking about her marital life, Tina Fey is married to Jeff Richmond and has one kid. Her annual earnings seem to be increasing, which also means the increase in the total amount of Tina Fey net worth. According to the data, between the years 2007-2008, the actress received 4.6 million dollars. However, in 2010-2011 Tina Fey annual earnings became as high as 13 million dollars. She got her education at the University of Virginia. Moreover, she is considered to have made a small revolution in the industry of cinema when proving that even women with brains can be sexy in the Hollywood circuit, which is one of the most important things in there.

Probably the most popular movies in which the actress appeared are “Baby Mama” released in 2007 and “Date Night” released in 2010. Born in 1970, the actress whose full name is Elizabeth Stamatina Fey got involved into comedy business while she was quite young. When she was only four years old, her parents took her to see “Young Frankenstein” which was released in 1974 and which is regarded to be the classic of the comedian Mel Brooke. Thus, some people believe that her inspiration to get into comedy came directly from Mel Brooke’s work. The star is expected to accumulate her net worth through even more films because she gets more and more offers to appear in comedy movies, which are expected to score high and which might increase Tina Fey net worth.


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