Suze Orman net worth

Suze Orman net worth

Net Worth: $35 million

About Suze Orman

Suze Orman net worth has been estimated to be as high as 35 million dollars. Most of her net worth comes from her career as a financial advisor. In addition to that, she is also known as a TV personality, motivational speaker and author and all these careers also add millions of dollars to the total amount of Suze Orman net worth.

Most of the net worth which comes from her career as a financial advisor came from her advice to Merrill Lynch. In addition, Suze Orman also brought a huge fortune from being a vice president of Prudential Bache Securities and the owner of Suze Orman Financial Group.
Moreover, Suze Orman is a quite regular star on the TV screens. She has appeared in various talk shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show and Paula’s Party which is broadcasted on the Food Network. Also, she had her own TV show which was called “The Suze Orman Show” and the ratings of it were quite high. The show lasted for ten years and it was attributed to the list of the most successful talk shows aired on the CNBC channel. The show increased Suze Orman net worth a lot. In addition, she still stays active in the television business and owns the TV show called “Can I Afford It”.
Moreover, she is a column writer to the magazine called “O” which also increases her net worth a lot. Talking more about her career as an author, Suze Orman also writes for the “Money Matters” on Yahoo, “Your Business at Home Magazine”, “Lowes Money Works” and “Philadelphia Enquirer”. Thus, all the columns she writes are related to the subject she likes the most – financial matters. Suze Orman is also the one who was ranked as the author of New York Times Best Selling list with nine authorships.
In addition, Suze Orman developed some CD-Rom services which mostly relate to financial matters and also education. These include “Protection Portfolio”, “Will and Trust Kit” and “Identity Theft Kit”.
In the years 2004 and 2006, Suze Orman received Daytime Emmy awards for the shows “Fabulous and Broke”, “The Laws of Money”, “The Lessons of Life” and “The Money Show for the Young”. Also, the Alliance for Women in Media awarded her with six Gracie awards. Such recognition does not only boost her spirit and self-confidence but it also adds millions of dollars to the Suze Orman net worth.

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