Sultan Of Brunei net worth

Sultan Of Brunei net worth

Net Worth: $20 billion

About Sultan Of Brunei

Sultan of Brunei net worth has been claimed to reach 20 billion dollars, which makes him one of the billionaires around the world. The Sultan of Brunei is also known to the public as Hassanai Bolkiah Mu’izzaddin Waddaulah. His net worth started accumulating very soon. He was born in 1946 in Brunei Town, where he serves as a Sultan as of today. Several years later, in 1961 he became the crown prince and later, in 1967 he became the Sultan of Brunei when he was only 21 years old. In addition, Sultan of Brunei graduated from a lot of universities, where he got many doctorate degrees. He studied at the University of Oxford in England and also at the National University of Singapore.

Thus, Sultan Of Brunei net worth is so high not only because he became a crown prince, but also because he aspired to achieve a lot on his own. Sultan of Brunei has total and complete authority and decides many things matters both nationally and internationally. Moreover, a huge part of his net worth also comes from his being a Prime Minister of Brunei, which is another source of Sultan Of Brunei net worth. Although he is a highly respected figure in Brunei who has a lot of power, he is still a human with all the needs that other people have.

He has his interests and hobbies as well. Sultan of Brunei is known as a huge fan of collecting automobiles. The data reported has stated that he owns a huge number of cars, from 3 thousand to 6 thousand automobiles. Moreover, he does not buy only new and expensive cars. Sultan of Brunei is a fan of old fashioned cars as well, which are also driven by regular people.

Every chance when he gets to buy and own a new car, he goes for it and increases his collection. Thus, it is not a too strong word to say that he is obsessed with owning many different cars. In addition to his famous car collection, Sultan of Brunei is known as the owner of Boeing 747 and also he has his own theme park called Jerudong Park. The Sultan has a brother named Prince Jefri Bolkiah, with whom he does not get on very well. His brother is known to the public as “Playboy Prince” and the Sultan of Brunei is not satisfied about his brother’s reputation, which in some way harms the reputation of the whole family. Nevertheless, Sultan Of Brunei net worth shows his unique and lavish life style which is alien to many human beings.


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