Stevie Wonder net worth

Stevie Wonder net worth

Net Worth: $110 million

About Stevie Wonder

The legendary singer Stevie Wonder net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 110 million dollars. Stevie Wonder whose real name is Stevland Hardaway Judkins Morris is known to the public as a singer born in Michigan. In addition to his singing career, Stevie Wonder net worth also comes from other sources, such as music composing, playing various instruments and writing songs. Moreover, the singer got a contract signed with Motown Records when he was only 11 years old and at that time he was considered to be a genius in the music world.

Born in 1950, the star is still collaborating with the Motown Records. It is shocking to many people what he has achieved taking into consideration that when he was born, doctors speculated that he could not see for the rest of his life because he was born blind, but shortly after his eyesight improved. Stevie Wonder has released many singles which became known both nationally and internationally and the sales of them brought millions of dollars to the overall amount of Stevie Wonder net worth. Such singles include “I Just Called to Say I Love You”, “I Wish” and “Superstition”.

His best sold albums include “Songs in the Key of Life”, “Talking Book” and “Innervisions”. Up to date, Stevie Wonder released thirty songs which reached the number one position in the US charts and also he received twenty two Grammy awards, which made history because it is the highest amount of awards given to a male singer. Moreover, Stevie Wonder gets involved into political matters quite actively. One of such involvements was in 1980 when he organized a campaign in order to make a holiday in the United States during the Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday. In 2009, Stevie Wonder got a title of the Messenger of the Peace in the United States, which was a huge achievement for the star.

When the musician was four years old, his mother divorced with his father and she took all her six children to live with her in Detroit. Later, she changed her name and also the surname of her children to Morris, mainly due to family reasons. After that, Stevie Wonder’s legal surname became Morris. When he was a child, Stevie Wonder attended school choir and started playing various instruments such as piano, drums, harmonica and bass. All this primary experience led Stevie Wonder to be where he is right now and it also laid the ground for Stevie Wonder net worth to accumulate.


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