Steven Spielberg net worth

Steven Spielberg net worth

Net Worth: $150 million

About Steven Spielberg

One of the most successful film directors of all the time Steven Spielberg net worth has been announced to revolve around 3 billion dollars. Moreover, his annual salary is said to be 150 million dollars. Steven Spielberg whose full name is Steven Allen Spielberg is an American director, who has produced a lot of legendary films. In addition to

his career as a director, Steven Spielberg is also a screenwriter and a producer. He has been producing films now for almost four decades, which is a very long time, and obviously it brought huge sums of money to Steven Spielberg net worth. When he was just a little boy, he already had some wild and fruitful imagination and had some humble plans for his future.

The famous director was born in Ohio in 1946. His father Arnold Spielberg worked as an electronic engineer and was involved with computers. Steven Spielberg’s mother Leah Adherer was a pianist and had many concerts in the United States. Although Steven Spielberg was born in Ohio, most of his childhood was spent in New Jersey and Arizona regions. When he was a teenager, he created his very first film, which was 8mm short film, and he did that in Scottsdale. Even then he started creating Steven Spielberg net worth because for coming to watch his short films, the local kids had to pay 25 cents for him, which shows that even at an early age Steven Spielberg had some knowledge about how to start his own business.

When he was only 13 years old, he received his first award for producing a film about war entitled “Escape to Nowhere”. When he was 16 years old, he showed his very first full length film “Firelight”, which was showed at the local cinema. Unfortunately, sad things started to happen in his family life at that time. His parents got divorced and the later-to-be director had to move with his father to California. He finished high school there and entered the University of Southern California School of theater, film and television.

However, he was rejected from that school three times, which seems now quite unbelievable when his real talent is showing. So after these rejections, Steven Spielberg decided to attend California State University in Long Beach. When he realized that he wants to be involved in the industry of directing films, he applied to be an intern for the editing department at the Universal Studios. Probably even then nobody with whom he worked had realize that some years later Steven Spielberg net worth would be one of the highest in the whole business of cinema.

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