Steven Seagal net worth

Steven Seagal net worth

Net Worth: $5 million

About Steven Seagal

It has been reported that Steven Seagal net worth has an estimate of 5 million dollars. To most of the people he is known as an action artist, however he is also known as a martial artist which brings millions of dollars to the overall amount of Steven Seagal net worth.
He accumulated his huge net worth mainly because of his career in the cinema where he was known as an actor from various action films in which he appeared in 1980s and 1990s.

Born in 1952 in Michigan, he stayed in Michigan until he was five years old. He lived together with his mother who worked in a medical sphere and his father who was a math teacher.
When Steven Seagal was still a child, he practiced aikido and karate which led him to visit Japan when he was seventeen years old. Steven Seagal stayed in Japan for 15 years. At that time he became the first American to run a dojo there.

When Steve Seagal came back to the United States, he established his own dojo in New Mexico. In addition, he moved to live to California where he founded one more dojo. Thus, it increased the overall amount of Steve Seagal net worth a lot.
At first Steven Seagal started to become involved into Hollywood not as an actor but as a coordinator of mixed martial arts for the movies such as “The Challenge” and “Never Say Never” where actors such as Sean Connery appeared.

Soon after, Steve Seagal started to appear on screen. His first big movie in which he performed was called “Above the Law” which was released in 1987. After his debut as an actor, he appeared in a few more films. It was enough for him to be recognized as the best actor in action movies. However, the movie which made him known all around the world and which was the biggest break for the actor was the film called “Under Siege” which was released in 1992 and which increased Steven Seagal net worth a lot. The movie grossed more than 156 million dollars on a global scale.

In addition, Steven Seagal is also known as a film director. His first movie which he directed was called “On Deadly Ground” which was released in 1994. Thus, not only his involvement into mixed martial arts and acting, but also film producing add a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Steven Seagal net worth.

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