Stephen Hawking net worth

Stephen Hawking net worth

Net Worth: $20 million

About Stephen Hawking

Born in England, Stephen Hawking net worth has been estimated to reach 20 million dollars. To the public, he is mostly known as one of the most successful scientists. Moreover, a huge part of Stephen Hawking net worth comes from his being a physicist, science writer, astronomer, mathematician, professor and also an author. Born in 1942, Stephen Hawking whose full name is Stephen William Hawking is also known as a theoretical physicist and cosmologist. Together with his friend Roger Penrose, the scientist created theorems about the gravitational singularities stating that they work in the framework of general relativity. Moreover, Stephen Hawking is well known for his thoughts about the black holes.

The scientist has predicted that black holes are supposed to emit and spread radiation. In addition, his theorem about black holes is known today as the Hawking radiation or Bekenstein-Hawking radiation. Talking about his achievements and accomplishments, in 2009 Stephen Hawking received the award of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This award was really special to him because it is the highest award in the United States given to civilians. Moreover, Stephen Hawking is a member in the Royal Society of Arts and he is also a lifetime member in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

Between the years 1979 and 2009, Stephen Hawking was a professor of mathematics at the Cambridge University, which also added extra money to the overall amount of Stephen Hawking net worth. Soon after, the scientist became a member in the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology based in the university, where he got a position of research director.

However, the scientist suffers from a motor neuron disease which is related to sclerosis and due to this disease, Stephen Hawking is paralyzed and is able to communicate with the outside world only through a speech generating device. During his lifetime, Stephen Hawking achieved major success discussing and proving his theorems about cosmology and other theories in general. Moreover, he wrote some books related to these subjects and one of them called “A Brief History of Time” was in the list of the bestsellers in the British Sunday Times. Moreover, it stayed there for 237 weeks in a row. Talking about his personal life, Stephen Hawking was married two times and has three kids. Although his illness progressed over the years, the scientist is still involved into many researches and is interested in every new discovery which sparks his interest and increases Stephen Hawking net worth.


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