Stephen Colbert net worth

Stephen Colbert net worth

Net Worth: $45 million

About Stephen Colbert

As the recent data has showed, Stephen Colbert net worth has an estimate of 45 million dollars, which makes him one of the best paid and most successful people in the world. In addition, his yearly salary has been estimated to be around 6 million dollars. Stephen Colbert was born in Washington, D.C. However, when he was still a child, he moved to live in South Carolina with his parents.

To the public, he is mostly known as a very popular and talented comedian, actor, writer and also as a political satirist. These are the main activities of the star which increases Stephen Colbert net worth year after year. His first step into comedy and acting was at ImprovOlympic’s Annoyance Theater where Stephen Colbert was well accepted and his improvisation surprised everybody in the audience.

Later, the comedian moved to perform to Second City. It was here where Stephen Colbert was introduced to a lot of people who were influential into comedy business and it also led to his appearance on the TV show called “Exit 57” which is broadcasted on the Comedy Central channel and which brings him a lot of revenue which increases Stephen Colbert net worth. Moreover, Stephen Colbert is a very welcomed guest at a lot of TV shows and movies including “The Dana Carvey Show”, “The Daily Show” and “Stranger with Candy”.

What is more, Stephen Colbert collaborated on writing scripts for these shows. In 2005, the comedian got his own TV show which was entitled “The Colbert Report” and which gained him even more fame. The show features a caricature version of the actor himself and it usually involves satirical comments about news all around the world. The show is broadcasted on the Comedy Central channel. In addition, Stephen Colbert’s work is highly appreciated and evaluated.

His show “The Colbert Report” achieved two big awards – the Emmy and the Peabody. As an actor and a comedian, Stephen Colbert also won three Emmy awards and one Grammy award. Moreover, Stephen Colbert has voiced some characters in the animated TV series such as “The Simpsons”, “Monsters Vs Aliens”, “American Dad” and many others. Apparently, the comedian is very successful in the cinema business and he is a wanted star when talking about comedy shows and series, which bring more and more incomes to his pocket and also increase the total amount of Stephen Colbert net worth.


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