Slim Thug net worth

Slim Thug net worth

Net Worth: $2 million

About Slim Thug

The rapper Slim Thug net worth has been stated to be 2 million dollars which is neither high nor low if taking into consideration net worth of other rapping artists. Born in 1980, the rapper is of African American origin and whose real name is Stayve Jerome Thomas. He is also quite well known for his other stage names which he uses besides ‘Slim Thug’ and which are Boss Hogg and Thug Boss. Moreover, Slim Thug collaborated with Mike Jones in creating and producing his big hit called “Still Tippin”. It increased not only Mike Jones, but also Slim Thug net worth a lot.

In one interview, the rapper revealed that he chose his stage name to be his nickname from his teenage days, when the rapper was too slim and skinny and therefore other kids started to call him Slim Thug. The other part of his stage name ‘Thug’ is an association which people made about him because of his passion to wear sunglasses and also to wear braided hair.

When he was seventeen years old, Slim Thug enjoyed performing his rapping songs in his high school parties. Although it did not give any money to the overall amount of Slim Thug net worth, it gave him much needed experience to perform in front of huge crowds. However, he started his professional rapping career in 1990, when he began collaborating with Swishahouse. When Slim Thug realized that he is able to make his own money by founding his own label company, he decided to separate from Swishahouse and established his own label company which was entitled Boss Hogg Outlawz. In addition to that, Slim Thug purchased two music stores and also he worked in real estate agency.

The rapper’s first album was released under the label company called Star Trak Entertainment and Interscope Records. Although there were many postponing of releasing the album, it was finally released in 2005. It was a huge hit with landing in the 2nd position of Billboard 200 album chart and also it sold around 130 copies during its first week of release.

The album featured singles of Slim Thug which became hits in the United States. These were “3 Kings” which was recorded together with T.I. and Bun B and also “I Ain’t Heard of That” which featured Bun B and Pharrell. Thus, the beginning of Slim Thug career promised him millions of dollars and if he continues to be involved into rapping, it might be expected that Slim Thug net worth will become even higher.

Slim Thug net worth Slim Thug net worth

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