Slash net worth

Slash net worth

Net Worth: $32 million

About Slash

One of the most wealthiest and successful musicians globally Slash net worth has been announced to reach 32 million dollars. Slash whose real name is Saul Hudson was born in 1965 and is of English origin. To the public the musician is mostly remembered as a guitarist who was playing in the group called “Guns’n’Roses”. Slash was a member of the group from 1985 till 1996. The group was a huge hit worldwide which helped Slash to get fame and also increased the overall amount of Slash net worth. However, the musician quitted the group and created another band together with its former members. The band was called “Velvet Revolver”.

Most of people and fans of Slash state that the group with the earlier name “Guns’n’Roses” were more successful than the currently named “Velvet Revolver”, however Slash net worth might explain to those who still doubt that both bands were and are doing quite well because there were no huge difference between the musician’s net worth back in the “Guns’n’Roses” days and “Violet Revolver”. The current group released their debut album in 2010. Talking about his recognition and appreciation, in 2009 Slash was named as one of the Best Electric Guitarists of all time in the Times Magazine, which ranked him in the second position. Slash was interested in music since he was a little kid.

Also, he was influenced a lot by his parents because they both were involved into music industry. Musician’s mother was a costume designer for David Bowie and his father was a creator and designer of music album covers for singers such as Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. When he was a child, he moved to live to Los Angeles from England together with his parents. In Los Angeles, Slash started to attend music lessons, which helped him a lot to get into music business. The first bands where Slash played were “Motorhead” band, which was a tribute band and which was formed in 1983. After the band stopped its career, Slash joined another band called “Black Sheep”.

The group was more successful than the “Motorhead” and it played together with such groups as “Hollywood Rose”. As being a member of these bands, Slash gained a lot of experience which was really necessary in order to make a debut on a big scene and to make an international career. However, he is mostly remembered from the group “Guns’n’Roses” which has sold around 28 million albums worldwide and which is the main source of Slash net worth.


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