Sherman Hemsley net worth

Sherman Hemsley net worth

Net Worth: $30 million

About Sherman Hemsley

It has been announced that Sherman Hemsley net worth reaches 30 million dollars. He has accumulated his net worth through his involvement into acting career. Sherman Hemsley is mostly known because of his role as George Jefferson in the TV show called “The Jeffersons” which was broadcasted on the CBS network. In addition, the actor is known from the TV series called “Amen” which were aired on the NBC channel and where he portrayed a role of Deacon Ernest Frye. Both TV shows added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Sherman Hemsley net worth.
Sherman Jefferson was born in Southern Philadelphia where he was also raised. He grew up in care of his mother who worked in a factory. Sherman Hemsley quitted attending high school in order to join Air Force where he stayed for four years. After that, he came back to Philadelphia where he at the same time worked in a post office and also attended a night school of acting. Before he moved to New York where he thought he might have better possibilities to pursue acting career, he performed with some local groups in Philadelphia.

In New York, he started studying at the Negro Ensemble Company where he met Lloyd Richards. One of the first productions in which he appeared in New York include “Old Judge Mose Is Dead”, “But Never Jam Today”, “Moon on a Rainbow Shawl” and “The Witch”.
Also, Sherman Hemsley appeared in Broadway’s show “Purlie”. With his troupe, he toured for a year across the country appearing in this play. It was this time when he also was selected to play a part of George Jefferson in the TV show “All in the Family” which also helped to accumulate the overall amount of Sherman Hemsley net worth. However, he joined the TV show only two years later because it was promised to him that after he would be done touring, he would still get the part.
Although his role in the “All in the Family” was not the main one, later he got his own TV series where George Jefferson was the main character, which was called “The Jeffersons”. The TV series had 11 seasons and were proved to be very successful. Thus, it also played a huge part into accumulating Sherman Hemsley net worth. Later, he got a similar character to that of the Jefferson in the TV show “Amen” where he portrayed a role of a church deacon named Ernest Frye.

sherman hemsley net worth sherman hemsley net worth

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