Shaun White net worth

Shaun White net worth

Net Worth: $20 million

About Shaun White

Shaun White net worth has been said to reach 20 million dollars. Shaun White who is also known to the public as The Flying Tomato gets most of his net worth from his career as a snowboarder. The biggest part of Shaun White net worth comes from the winnings from his career in snowboarding and also from his endorsement deals. In 2010 Winter Olympic games in Vancouver, Shaun White was supposedly the most famous athlete. Moreover, in 2009 the snowboarding star signed a contract with the Burton Snowboards.

The contract was signed for 10 years and it granted him multi-million dollars. In addition to that, Shaun White even has his own video game, which sells better and better each year and he is one of the most famous stars who signed an endorsement deal with Red Bull Energy drink company. Such collaboration with popular companies adds more and more money to the overall amount of Shaun White net worth. Shaun White whose real name is Shaun Roger White is also a megastar on the internet net work. He has more than 3 million fans on both Facebook and Twitter websites. However, contrary to the other mulch-millionaire stars, he manages his money quite well. In fact, Shaun White spends less money than he receives, which shows his ability to control his incomes quite well.

Moreover, because he has such a good control of his incomes, it has been said that Shaun White receives almost 800 thousand dollars per year in salary taking out taxes, lifestyle expenses and others. Thus, it also has been said that his wealth should last for him as long as he lives and people speculate that he should not run out of his money. Shaun White who was born in 1986 is not only a snowboarder but also a skateboarder. Talking about his awards, he won Gold medal at Olympics two times.

Such achievements not only boost his spirit, but also add money to the overall Shaun White net worth. Most of the time, on his snowboard Shaun White rides on a regular stance and also twelve and negative three degrees. Shaun White was born in California and he is of Italian and Irish descent. Before his first birthday, Shaun White had to suffer several operations because he was born with diagnosed Tetra-logy of Fallot, which is a congenital heart defect. Most of his snowboarding skills Shaun White learn while spending free time at Okemo Mountain, Bear Mountain and ski resorts in Vermont and Southern California.


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