Seth Macfarlane net worth

Seth Macfarlane net worth

Net Worth: $2 million

About Seth Macfarlane


One question which bothers a lot of people and the fact in which people are always interested is what Seth Macfarlane net worth is. Seth MacFarlane is undoubtedly a very rich and happy person. He created a lot of TV shows

which gained popularity immediately and were subsequently recorded on DVDs. Also, he owns a lot of merchandise related to the characters from his TV shows. His three TV shows, “The Family Guy”, “American Dad” and “The Cleveland Show”, are broadcasted by the Fox Television and due to their immense popularity Seth Macfarlane net worth is growing year after year. However, in 2001, “The Family Guy” was canceled to be aired on Fox television.

Fans of the show paid a lot of money in order to buy the DVD versions of “The Family Guy”, which led Fox network to air the show again in 2005. Since then, the show still is famous and loved by many people. Between the years 2005-2008, Seth Macfarlane net worth was growing fast and he got a salary of 2 million dollars every year because of the running of his TV show on the Fox channel. Seth MacFarlane went on with his career and in 2009 he got a 100 million dollar deal for five years to create his animation world. It is a really huge sum of money and it does not include any DVDs or merchandise. The DVDs and merchandise are thought to bring Seth MacFarlane at least 20 million dollars revenue every year. Thus, Seth MacFarlane has a huge amount of income and it is only due to his talent.

Moreover, a lot of people cannot imagine how such a rich and talented man can still be single. However, the star knows how to entertain himself and where to use the money. It is rumored that he paid more than 13 million dollars to rent a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills for his one time girlfriend named Eliza Dushku. According to some sources, overall his net worth has an estimate of 100 million dollars. Seth MacFarlane finished Rhode Island School of Design and decided to draw cartoons, which is both his hobby and job.

However, the most popular of his creations has definitely have to be “The Family Guy”, which made its debut in 1999. The show is famous for its witty and ridiculous characters, jokes and citations from many sources. Therefore, when you take into consideration Seth MacFarlane net worth, it is easy to realize that being involved in an animation business can make you rich and popular for many years.



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