Seth Green net worth

Seth Green net worth

Net Worth: $35 million

About Seth Green

Seth Green net worth has been stated to be around 35 million dollars. Most of his net worth comes from his involvement into cinema business. To the public, Seth Green is known as an actor, comedian, voice actor, screenwriter, television producer and director. These activities are the main ones, which bring millions of dollars to the total amount of Seth Green net worth. Born in 1974, the actor whose full name is Seth Benjamin Green is mostly known for his various roles in films and TV series. He voiced the character of Chris Griffin in the animated TV series “Family Guy”. Also, he has appeared in movies such as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” where he portrayed the role of Daniel Osbourne and also he appeared in the Austin Powers TV series where he was chosen for a role of Scott, who was Dr.

Evil’s son. In addition to that, his voice can be heard in video games such as “Titan Maximum” and “Mass Effect”, which also increase Seth Green net worth. Seth Green is one of the people who created and produced the comedy series of “Robot Chicken”. Also, he voices some characters in those series. Seth Green has also appeared in many more films which gained him fame and recognition and these movies include “Rat Race”, “Can’t Hardly Wait” and “The Italian Job”.

In fact, he started his acting career while he was just a kid and his one of the major debuts in cinema was in the film called “Radio Days” produced by Woody Allen. Born in Pennsylvania, Seth Green’s mother was an artist and his father was a teacher of mathematics. After the divorce of his parents, Seth Green was from time to time sent to camps and after the production “Hello, Dolly” which was organized in the camp Seth Green realized that he wanted to be involved into acting for the rest of his life.

However, the first time he appeared in a film was in 1984 in the movie called “Billions for Boris”. Moreover, when he was eight years old, Seth Green got a role in the film called “The Hotel New Hampshire” in which he acted together with Rob Lowe and Jody Foster. In 1987, Seth Green auditioned for the role in the movie called “Can’t Buy Me Love” and got the role of Chuckie Miller. Thus, his involvement into acting started at a very young age and it is one of the main sources of the overall Seth Green net worth.


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