Sean Kingston net worth

Sean Kingston net worth

Net Worth: $7 million

About Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston net worth has been estimated to reach 7 million dollars. A huge part of his net worth comes from his involvement into singing, rapping and being a hip hop artist. The singer was born in 1980 and is of Jamaican and American origins. He became known to the public in 2007 when he released his first album which was titled “Sean Kingston”. Although he was born in Florida, he moved to live to Jamaica when he was six. The singer studied in high school in Ocho Rios. Also, the singer is quite known for his relations.

He is the grandchild of the famous reggae singer from Jamaica named Lawrence Lindo. He was better known by his stage name Jack Ruby and was a huge star in Jamaica. When Sean Kingston was only 11 years old, he was forced to spend 21 days in jail because he was charged with breaking and entering. Moreover, his mother also spent some time in jail because of identity theft and during that time Sean Kingston was living in a car. Thus, although singer’s career seems quite splendid with a huge Sean Kingston net worth, his life before getting into music career was not brilliant. Sean Kingston started his music career when his MySpace page was noticed by Tommy Roten.

He signed Sean Kingston with the record label company which was “Sony Records”. Tommy Roten worked at Beluga Heights and Beluga record label company was well known for searching for talents and signing them with record deal companies. Thus, it helped Sean Kingston to get started into music industry. One of the most popular singles of the singer was “Beautiful Girls” which became a huge hit worldwide and which added millions of dollars to the overall amount of Sean Kingston net worth. The single was released in 2007 and it had the same rhythm as the single “Stand By Me” which was performed by Ben E. King and which was released in 1961.

Similarly, another song of Sean Kingston which was entitled “Me Love” was created upon the model of the song “D’yer Maker” by Led Zeppelin, which was featured in their album called “Houses of the Holy”. The song climbed to the 1st position in the charts in Australia, where it replaced Fergie’s hit song “Big Girls Don’t Cry” which had been in the 1st position for weeks before the single of Sean Kingston entered the charts. Thus, Sean Kingston net worth increased a lot also due to his popularity in Australia.

Sean Kingston Sean Kingston

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