Sarah Jessica Parker net worth

Sarah Jessica Parker net worth

Net Worth: $90 million

About Sarah Jessica Parker

One of the most popular actresses in Hollywood Sarah Jessica Parker net worth has been stated to be around 90 million dollars. In addition to her acting career, a part of Sarah Jessica Parker net worth comes from her involvement into producing films. Born in 1965, Sarah Jessica Parker is involved into acting in cinema films, television productions and theater appearances. To the public, she is mostly known as the actress from the TV show called “Sex and the City” which was broadcasted on the HBO channel from the year 1998 till 2004.

In the TV series, Sarah Jessica Parker portrayed the role of Carrie Bradshaw. The show was a huge hit and the actress received quite a lot of awards for appearing in it. Sarah Jessica Parker was awarded with two Emmy Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards and even four Golden Globes. Moreover, the actress appeared in the sequel movies of the TV series. The movies were entitled “Sex and the City: The Movie” and “Sex and the City 2”. The both movies grossed a lot and it increased Sarah Jessica Parker net worth a lot.

In addition, the actress has appeared in many other films, which became hit movies both domestically and internationally. Sarah Jessica Parker was born in Ohio. Her mother worked at a nurse school and her father was known as a journalist and entrepreneur. The actress was one of the eight children. Some of her siblings turned to acting career as well, including Pippin Parker and Timothy Britten Parker. When her parents divorced, her mother married Paul Forste, who was a truck driver and an accountant.

Paul Forste made a really big impact in the early life of Sarah Jessica Parker and the actress got on with him very well. At a very young age, Sarah Jessica Parker attended classes of singing and dancing ballet. She was selected to appear in the performance of Broadway called “The Innocents”. Her parents saw that she might be big in acting, therefore they decided to move to live in Ohio and later in the region of New York, near the New York City, where there were more opportunities for Sarah Jessica Parker to gain training and lessons in acting. While living there, her mother and her step father helped her a lot to achieve her dream – to become an actress, the career which now pays millions of dollars and which increases Sarah Jessica Parker net worth a lot.


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