Russell Simmons net worth

Russell Simmons net worth

Net Worth: $325 million

About Russell Simmons

It has been announced that one of the most successful American entrepreneurs Russell Simmons net worth is 325 million dollars. Russell Simmons whose real name is Russell Wendell Simmons was born in 1957 and in addition to his entrepreneurial career, he is also co-founder of one of the first hip-hop record label

companies called “Def Jam”, which is also owned by Rick Rubin. Also, it is reputed that personal Russell Simmons net worth is around 500 million dollars. Russell Simmons is known as one of the wealthiest American entrepreneurs who are involved in hip-hop music and also he is known for having a huge variety of interests. In addition to the music industry, he owns 3 fashion brands and operates them by himself.

These fashion lines include “Phat Farm”, “Argyleculture” and “American Classics”. Russell Simmons is also known as to have a strict vegetarian’s life. Because he is a vegetarian, he is extremely opposed against consumption of meat and animal killing for such purposes. Some people love him for that and some have different opinions. For the last several years, Russell Simmons gave more attention to his political opinion and commentary and other literary goals. Russell Simmons contributes from time to time to Huffington Post and he is also an editor-in-chief of This is the website, which has a lot of data from hip-hop world. These activities also add to the total amount of Russell Simmons net worth.

Talking about his personal life, Russell Simmons was married but now is divorced. His wife was Kimora Lee and with her the entrepreneur has 2 children – Ming Lee and Aoki Lee. Russell Simmons was born to his parents dad public school administrator and mother administrator of New York City park. Also, he has two brothers, one of which is a very popular painter of abstract expressionistic trend Daniel Simmons, Jr. The American business magnate is known as the most important entrepreneur in the world of hip-hop and rap music.

Russell Simmons is considered to be a very talented and witty person because it was him who initiated rap and hip-hop music into American culture and lifestyle. All of his organizations and fashion lines fall under his major organization called “Rush Communications, Inc.”. Also, Russell Simmons is in charge of television shows such as “Def Comedy Jam”, a magazine and an advertising company. Thus, if taking into consideration his various interests and involvements, it becomes clear why he is regarded as the third wealthiest persons of hip-hop music, which is because of high Russell Simmons net worth.


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