Russell Peters net worth

Russell Peters net worth

Net Worth: $16 million

About Russell Peters

Born in 1970, Russell Peters net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 16 million dollars. A bigger part of it comes from his careers in acting, comedy, screen writing, DJ and television producing. Russell Peters whose full name is Russell Dominic Peters is from Canada and started his comedy acts in Toronto in 1989. Moreover, Russell Peters has received many Gemini nominations which manifests that he is quite successful in the entertainment industry. In addition to performing in Canada, Russell Peters has been traveling all around the world and is known in many different countries, such as The United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, the Caribbean, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, France and many more.

Thus, it is no wonder that Russell Peters net worth is so high because in all countries his acts and performances gain a lot of attention from both audience and critics. The comedian himself thinks that such popularity he received because of the video posted on the channel. It was the string of sitcoms called “Comedy Now!” which received millions of views and made him an international star.

The performance which was uploaded to the channel lasted for 45 minutes, however later other users started uploading it also, but they chopped it into several parts. In each of the part the main subject of his talk was a particular cultural group. The show also added a huge fortune to the overall amount of Russell Peters net worth. In Canada, Russell Peters became the first performer who managed to sell the whole Air Canada Center. During two days time, 16 thousand tickets were sold to one show.

Over two days when the tickets were released, 30 thousand of them were bought in Canada. Moreover, in six cities established in Canada 60 thousand tickets were sold. In addition, in 2010 Russell Peters performance in Australia was an epic one. 13 thousand people came to watch his show, which made his comedy act to be the largest show in the history of comedy shows organized in Australia. Moreover, his performance in London’s O2 Arena was also a huge hit. 16 thousand tickets were sold which also made it to be the best selling comedy act in the United Kingdom. Such high sales increase Russell Peters net worth by a mile and with his popularity growing each year, it is expected that his net worth will increase as well.

Russell Peters net worth Russell Peters net worth

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