Roger Federer net worth

Roger Federer net worth

Net Worth: $140 million

About Roger Federer

It is said that Roger Federer net worth is 140 million dollars. This is the total net worth of his and his career earnings are really high. Roger Federer is of Swiss origin and is one of the best tennis players in the whole world. According to data published in April, 2010, Roger Federer has earned 69 million dollars in the total ATP career as a tennis player.

The star was born in 1981. His mother is a native of South Africa and his father is Swiss. Roger Federer began to be involved into tennis when he started playing it with his parents and his older sister and at a very early stage he showed his true potential in it. Thus, when he was only 8 years old, Roger Federer started attending Basel junior tennis program and this was the time when he was noticed by Peter Carter, a professional tennis player from Australia. He realized his true potential and he could have even presumed that Roger Federer is going to be a huge star and Roger Federer net worth is going to be very high.

Roger Federer joined Peter Carter in trainings and at 13 years old he was invited to play in Switzerland’s national tennis training center. The one disadvantage of it was that the center was quite far from his home and he could not attend it that often as he wanted to. Nevertheless, he attended it for three years and when the new center was established next to his house, he started his tennis trainings there. Peter Carter was working as the instructor in that school and he was training Roger Federer.

He won the Wimbledon junior singles and double titles and also he was in the number one position as the ITF player in the whole world, which also added money to the overall Roger Federer net worth. He went so far in such a little time in his career that in 1999 Roger Federer reached semi-final of the tennis tournament in Vienna and knocked out one of his strongest competitors Carlos Moya. He continued to win all the time and he became one of the youngest persons in the ATP’s Top 100 list. One of the most important steps in his career was when in 2000 Roger Federer represented Switzerland at the Olympic Games. Although he did not win any matches, he met his later-to-be wife Miroslava Vavrinec there. Now the tennis player continues to win and seems like he is really enjoying what he is doing, which leads to Roger Federer net worth being on of the highest of the all tennis players.


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