Robin Williams net worth

Robin Williams net worth

Net Worth: $130 million

About Robin Williams

Robin Williams net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 130 million dollars. Robin Williams whose full name is Robin McLaurim Williams is known as a very successful actor and comedian from the United States. Born in 1951 in Illinois, Robin Williams was raised by his mother and father, who were highly appreciated people in their community and society.

His father worked as a senior executive in the company of Lincoln Mercury Motors and he was in charge of the Midwest area. On the other hand, Robin Williams mother was known as a professional model from New Orleans. Although the actor was born in Illinois, he spent most of his childhood and teenage years in Michigan and San Francisco. As a kid, Robin Williams was a very shy boy who did not use to speak with strangers and really was open to his family members, therefore at that time nobody would have even realized that the major source of Robin Williams net worth was going to be acting and comedy. It happened in his high school, when Robin Williams potential was noticed.

The star acted in many school plays, which showed that Robin Williams had skills in acting. In drama classes, Robin Williams found a lot of friends who thought alike and made new acquaintances and started to come out of his shell. It was this time when Robin Williams decided to become an actor and he got accepted into the prestigious Julliard School. At that year, when Robin Williams enrolled into it, only 20 students were accepted to get into the Julliard School. One of his classmates was Christopher Reeves who became a great companion to Robin Williams in his later acting career, which brought millions of dollars to the total amount of Robin Williams net worth.

However, at the Julliard School, all his lecturers saw that Robin Williams had more skills to do stand-up comedy shows than to act in general, therefore they motivated them to become a stand-up comedian. Thus, Robin Williams started to focus on his career as a stand-up comedian and performed in many local bars and clubs. The role which got him involved into Hollywood circuit was in “Happy Days” which was produced by Gary Marshall and where Robin Williams portrayed an alien Monk. Robin Williams was casted to appear in a lot of HBO specials, which were mainly comedy shows and sitcoms. This was the start of a very successful career, which increased Robin Williams net worth a lot.


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