Robin Quivers net worth

Robin Quivers net worth

Net Worth: $45 million

About Robin Quivers

It has been announced that Robin Quivers net worth has an estimate of 45 million dollars. In addition to that, she has been stated to earn around 10 million dollars every year which increase the total amount of Robin Quivers net worth. Robin Quivers is involved in quite different professional spheres. She is known as a nurse, actress and radio personality.

Born in 1952, the star whose real birth name is Robin Ophelia Quivers is also known as an author with her books selling very well. She is also known as one of the longest-running news anchor and also she is one of the cast members of the TV show called “The Howard Stern Show”.

Robin Quivers was studying at the University of Maryland where she got her degree in nursing. However, she got enrolled into the United States Air Force. She was really successful and was even promoted with becoming a Captain.

Robin Quivers became a radio personality in 1979. Before she got involved into radio business, she studied at the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland. Her first job places were in Pennsylvania. After a few years, she became to work to Maryland in WFBR. Thus, radio business is one of the sources which helped to accumulate Robin Quivers net worth which she has today. In 1981, Robin Quivers got an offer to work together with Howard Stern on his show where she is still a cast member.

In her autobiographical book, Robin Quivers revealed some shocking and surprising statements such as the fact that her father used to molest her while she was only a pre-teen. However, her father died from complications which were aroused because of Alzheimer’s disease.

One of her first jobs as a nurse was at the Maryland Shock Trauma facilities. She described her job as one of the most unpleasant ones because all the time she saw people who were in shocks and traumas all the time. When she got to know that with her being a nurse she could join the United States Air Force, Robin Quivers decided to do just that. After six months of being there, she got her first promotion which was a First Lieutenant. Although she was discharged from there in 1978, she stayed in the United States Air Force Reserve until 1990 but she did not have any duties at that time. Thus, nursing was another source which added quite a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Robin Quivers net worth.

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