Richard Hammond net worth

Richard Hammond net worth

Net Worth: $5 million

About Richard Hammond

One of the most popular British TV personalities Richard Hammond net worth has been estimated to reach 2.5 million dollars. He is known as a successful journalist, TV and radio show host, author and columnist, which all add a lot of financial success to the overall amount of Richard Hammond net worth. He is mostly known as a co-host of the TV show about vehicles called “Top Gear” where he appears together with Jeremy Clarkson and James May. In addition, he is also a host of the TV show called “Brainiac: Science Abuse” which is aired on the Sky 1 channel. Both shows add a lot of revenues to Richard Hammond net worth.
In 2009, Richard Hammond started appear on the TV show called “Total Wipeout” which is broadcasted on the BBC Channel and where he appears together with Amanda Byram. Richard Hammond’s relatives have also been involved into vehicle business, for example, his grandparents are known as the employees in the automobile industry.

After he graduated from the university, Richard Hammond worked as a DJ in several radio stations including Radio Newcastle, Radio Lancashire, Radio Cleveland, Radio York and Radio Cumbria. After the chain of successful radio hosting, Richard Hammond was selected to be a host in the TV show called “Top Gear” which increased Richard Hammond net worth by a mile. He became the host of the show in 2002, when “Top Gear” started to be aired in the format which is seen today on TV.
In the TV show and also amongst his fans, Richard Hammond is referred to as a ‘hamster’ because of his similar sounding name and also because of his height. His nickname ‘hamster’ was even strengthened when in one episode of the “Top Gear” he imitated a hamster when eating a cardboard. Also, there are rumors spreading on the set of “Top Gear” that Richard Hammond is whitening his teeth. In addition, his co-host Jeremy Clarkson has stated that once he found a whitening tooth paste in car which Richard Hammond was testing. Also, Richard Hammond is quite known for his car crash in which he participated. Later in the “Top Gear” he started to be teased a lot because of it by his co-hosts. As a result, Richard Hammond asked them not to use jokes related to it again. One of the biggest motos of Richard Hamond is that a car reflects its nationality, for example, if you want to get a Mexican car, it will be lazy.

richard hammond net worth richard hammond net worth

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