Richard Branson net worth

Richard Branson net worth

Net Worth: $2 billion

About Richard Branson

One of the richest and wealthiest people in the world Richard Branson net worth has been estimated to reach 4.2 billion dollars. To the public, Richard Branson is known as a CEO of Virgin group. Moreover, most of the people who know him are familiar with his eccentric and daredevil character. However, such a personality really helps him to earn billions of dollars to his bank account, as Richard Branson net worth numbers are showing.

His business ventures are known all around the world and they include such brands as Virgin Megastores, Virgin Airways, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Galactic and many more. The star is also known as a philanthropist. Furthermore, he has appeared in different TV shows and films and usually he stars himself. Richard Branson was born in London. While he was still a pupil at a school, he started selling records at reduced prices in the Students Magazine by the means of advertising. In early 70s, he launched his own record store.

This was how Virgin Records store was born. The first of them was established in Oxford street. Later on, Richard Branson rented a location, where he established a recording studio and he rented it to various musicians, which also added some money to the overall amount of Richard Branson net worth. Soon after, Virgin Records started signing various musicians and bands one of which was Mike Oldfield. His album which was released in 1973 and which was entitled “Tubular Bells” hit many top charts in the United States.

In addition to Mike Oldfield, the company signed such stars as Sex Pistols and Culture Club. Later, Richard Branson continued to work with Virgin label and decided to establish his own series of airlines. Today he owns airlines such as Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Express, Virgin Nigeria and Virgin America. In 2006, Richard Branson started collaborating with communications provider NTL, which is based in London, and established Virgin Media. In addition to that, he launched Virgin Galactic which is a company exploring space.

Also, he started Virgin Fuels Company, which deals with finding alternative fuel sources. All in all, Virgin Group owns today over 400 different companies and organizations, which shows that the owner of it knows his art very well and it makes him one of the richest entrepreneurs and business moguls in the world, which also increases Richard Branson net worth. The star is in the 4th position of the richest people in the United Kingdom, according to Forbes list of billionaires.


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