Rev Run net worth

Rev Run net worth

Net Worth: $70 million

About Rev Run

Rev Run net worth has been stated to have an estimate of 70 million dollars. Most of his net worth comes from his involvement into rapping and hip-hop music careers. However, a huge part of Rev Run net worth comes from many other sources such as performing as DJ, writing and being a pastor. Born in 1964, Rev Run whose real name is Joseph Ward Simmons is known in various night clubs as DJ Run, the stage name which he uses when he plays during the nightlife of the United States.

Moreover, the star is known as the one who helped to establish the popular hip-hop music group called “Run-D.M.C.”. In addition, he also gets involved into political matters and is known as a practicing minister who goes under the name of Reverend Run. Born in New York, Rev Run is recognized as the son of one of the founders of Def Jam Records company, Russell Simmons.

A lot of people say that it was his father who led Rev Run to get such fame and popularity and also he is considered to be the one, who talked Rev Run into taking singer’s career as his job, which now brings millions of dollars to the total amount of Rev Run net worth. In 2005, together with the help from his family, Rev Run created a TV reality show called “Run’s House” which was broadcasted on the MTV channel. Also, before he decided to create the group “Run-D.M.C.”, Rev Run was known as the lead singer of the group called “The Force” which played hip-hop music. Later, Rev Run together with his friend Darryl McDaniels who was known as D.M.C. established a new group known as “Run-D.M.C.”.

The title of the group stands for the names of the founders of the group – Rev Run and Darryl McDaniels aka D.M.C. In 2004, Rev Run received a very important award for him from E. Bernard Jordan, who was Rev Run’s mentor. Jordan named his student as the Protégé of the Year and this achievement meant a lot to Rev Run. For the all the help that Rev Run received from Jordan, he gave him a new Phantom Rolls Royce as a present, which was worth around 325 thousand dollars. Rev Run’s first music debut under the name of Rev Run was with the band called “Liberty X”. Together with it, Rev Run recorded a single entitled “Song 4 Lovers” in 2005, which also added extra money to the overall amount of Rev Run net worth.


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