Redman net worth

Redman net worth

Net Worth: $19 million

About Redman

One of the most popular rappers from New Jersey Redman net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 19 million dollars. In addition to his career as a rapper, Redman is also known as a record producer and an actor which also adds huge sums of money to the total amount of Redman net worth.

The rapper was born in 1970 and his birth name is Reginald Noble. Redman is also known as a member from the rap duo which also includes a rapper called Method Man. Thus, he became known to the public in 1990s, when the duo started appearing and performing in the public. Method Man and Redman released their first album which was called “What Thee Album” under the record label of Def Jam Records. The album was quite a success and added extra money to the overall amount of Redman net worth. The album combined not only rap but also reggae and funk genres of music which made the album to reach 49th position on the Billboard 200 Album Chart. In addition, it was also certified Gold.
Moreover, Redman became a huge star in the United States when he was named The Rapper of the Year, a title which was given to him by The Source. However, one thing that made him successful and popular both nationally and internationally was the single he recorded together with Christina Aguilera which was called “Dirty”. It hit a lot of charts all across the world an increased net worth of both Redman and Christina Aguilera.
In addition to his career in music business, Redman is also known as an actor and has appeared in numerous films. However, the one which made him popular as an actor was “How High” which grossed a lot and where he starred together with his fellow friend Method Man. Together with Method Man, Redman has appeared in a lot of sitcoms.
In the end of the 1990s Redman was also a member in the Def Squad. Unofficially he was also claimed to be the 11th member in the Wu-Tang Clan. His first involvement in music was with EPMD. Redman was featured on their album called “Business as Usual”. Redman recorded songs with EPMD which were called “Brothers on My Jock” and “Hardcore”. Moreover, Redman was also featured on the album “Politics and Bullshit” by Frankie Cutlass. Both collaborations with EPMD and with Franke Cutlass were successful and added revenues to the total amount of Redman net worth.

redman net worth redman net worth redman net worth

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