Ralph Lauren net worth

Ralph Lauren net worth

Net Worth: $6 billion

About Ralph Lauren

One of the most popular fashion designers of today Ralph Lauren net worth reaches 4.6 billion dollars which also makes him one of the richest designers in the world. Also, Ralph Lauren is one of the most successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs. He is mostly known as an originator of his own clothing brand called “Polo Ralph Lauren” which adds millions of dollars to the overall amount of Ralph Lauren net worth.
Ralph Lauren was born in New York. He grew up in the family of Jewish immigrants from Belarus. In addition, he also attended a Jewish school. When attending school, Ralph Lauren was known in the school for selling his own made ties. Moreover, when the yearbook of his class was published, under his picture it was written that the fashion designer wanted to be a millionaire. Little did he know at that time, he would become not only a millionaire, but also a billionaire.

Also, it is known that Ralph Lauren’s real surname used to be Lifshitz, however when his brother was 16 years old, he changed it to Lauren. Ralph Lauren admitted that he was teased a lot at school because his real surname had a word shit in it. In addition, when asked if he changed his name so it would not sound too Jewish, Ralph Lauren stated that the sole reason why he did that was that children would stop making fun of him.
After graduation, Ralph Lauren enrolled into Baruch College. There, he studied business for a few years before he dropped out. For two years, Ralph Lauren was enrolled into United States Army, as well.
One of the most interesting facts about the designer is that he never attended fashion school. His first involvement in fashion was working at Brooks Brothers as a salesman. Later, he opened his own store where his ties were sold. The store was entitled “Polo” and it started accumulating the overall amount of Ralph Lauren net worth which he has today. Soon after that, Ralph Lauren had a right to use “polo” as his trademark from his first store where he worked, Brooks Brothers.
Talking about his family, Ralph Lauren is married to Ricky Anne Low Beer whom he met in a medical center, where his wife worked as a receptionist. Together they have three kids – Andrew, Dylan and David.
Today Ralph Lauren is one of the most successful fashion designers whose clothing line is popular all across the world and which adds millions of dollars to Ralph Lauren net worth.

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