Quincy Jones net worth

Quincy Jones net worth

Net Worth: $310 million

About Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones net worth has been stated to have an estimate of 310 million dollars, which makes him one of the multi-millionaires all around the world. A huge part of his net worth comes from his involvement into music industry. Quincy Jones is mostly recognized as a composer, song writer, record producer, conductor, impresario, film score composer and an arranger. Born in 1933, Quincy Jones whose full name is Quincy Delightt Jones Jr. has been involved in the business of music for five decades.

Moreover, Quincy Jones has a record of having a huge number of Grammy nominations and awards. Quincy Jones has received 79 Grammy nominations and 27 Grammy awards. In 1991, Quincy Jones received a Grammy Legend Award which was one of the most important awards and recognitions the musician has ever gotten. Thus, it is obvious that Quincy Jones is a very talented song composer and musician in general which also increases Quincy Jones net worth by a mile. Another important fact about the musician is that he was the producer of one of the most popular entertainers of all time Michael Jackson’s music album called “Thriller”. The album sold more than 100 million copies all around the world.

A part of the revenues came to Quincy Jones net worth and increased it even more. In addition, he contributed to the song “We Are The World”. He was the conductor and the producer of the song. In 1968, Quincy Jones together with his fellow friend named Bob Russell became the first ever persons of African American descent to get an Academy Award nomination. They received it because of the song they composed which was entitled “The Eyes of Love” which was featured in the move called “Banning”. The film was produced by the Universal Pictures. In addition, Quincy Jones got another nomination for his musical work in the same year which made him to be the first African American to receive such a success. This time it was his composed Original Score to the film called “In Cold Blood” which was released in 1967.

Moreover, the composer is also one of not so many African Americans who hold the highest number of Oscar nominations. Quincy Jones has seven of them. In 2008, Quincy Jones received the Humanitarian Award during the BET Awards ceremony. Thus, Quincy Jones is one of the greatest composers of all time which is recognized and appreciated not only by the audience but also by the critics. It also increases Quincy Jones net worth year after year.


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