Prince William net worth

Prince William net worth

Net Worth: $40 million

About Prince William

One of the members of the British royal family Prince William net worth has been announced to reach an estimate of 40 million dollars. Prince William gets most of his money as being the Duke of Cambridge. Also, a huge part of Prince William net worth is inherited from his father Prince of Wales named Charles and his mother Princess Diana, who was the Princess of Wales. Moreover, Prince William is known as the third grandchild of the Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II, and Prince Philip, who is the Duke of Edinburgh.

Furthermore, Prince William may succeed to overtake the ruling of the Commonwealth realm if in some case his father would not be able to do that because Prince William stays in the second position in succession of ruling. If he gets this right, he will be ruling all the countries of Commonwealth including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Jamaica and Barbados amongst all the sixteen independent states which have their own sovereignties. It might increase the overall Prince William net worth by a mile.

In addition, he is second in line (the first one is his father) to become the Head of the Commonwealth and also to hold the position of the Supreme Governor of the Church in England. Born in 1982, Prince William whose full name is William Arthur Philip Louis got his education at few independent schools in England. Finally, Prince William enrolled into the Eton College, as did members of the Spencer family, more precisely – his mother Diana’s father and brother.

However, this decision was in a contrary of the royal children education traditions in a way that most of them were taught in the Gordonstoun College, which was attended by Prince William’s father, uncles, grandfather and cousins. Overall, Prince William studied in four schools in England and graduated in the University of St Andrews. Due to his position, Prince William traveled all across the globe and visited various countries such as Chile, Kenya and Belize. In Kenya, Prince William was living for quite some time and spent lots of holidays there. Together with his brother Prince Harry, Prince William was serving in the Blues and Royals regiment as lieutenant of the Household Cavalry.

Moreover, after two years of serving, Prince William was awarded wings because of the pilot training completion he did at Royal Air Force College. With more perspectives in his future, Prince William net worth is considered to increase in the next upcoming years.


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