Pink net worth

Pink net worth

Net Worth: $70 million

About Pink

It has been claimed that Pink net worth reaches 70 million dollars. However, there are still some debates going on that the actual size of her net worth is 40 million dollars and those 70 million dollars were accumulated through the sales of her albums and touring in 2009. Also, a huge part of Pink net worth comes from her many endorsement deals. She is the face of companies such as T-mobile, Sony Ericson, VW Polo and V8 supercars. Talking about her as a singer, she has been in the music industry for about 10 years. In addition, Pink has sold 30 million copies of her albums and 25 million singles. Talking about her awards, Pink has received 5 MTV Music Awards and 2 Grammy Awards. Pink has also had three worldwide tours which added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Pink net worth.

Pink was born in Pennsylvania in 1979. Her real birth name is Alecia Beth Moore. When she was studying in high school, she started singing in a girl group called “The Middleground”. When she was sixteen years old, she joined the band called “Choice” which was also comprised of girls. The group “Choice” got a contract deal with the recording company called “LaFace Records”. Under this record label “Choice” recorded their single entitled “Key to My Heart” which was featured in the movie “Kazaam”.

Later the group decided to stop their activities however Pink decided to stay in the music industry and she got signed with the same recording company, “LaFace Records”. The nickname “Pink” came from the fact that whenever the singer started blushing, her face always turned pink. At first, Pink started singing as a back singer for various singers which gained a lot of popularity internationally. Such singers included Diana Ross, Tevin Campbell and 98 Degrees. Later, she started singing as a solo artist.

In 2000 her debut album was released which was entitled “Can’t Take Me Home”. It also got a double platinum certification. The sales of the album increased Pink net worth by a mile. In 2001, she collaborated with other singers including Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim and Mya when recording a song called “Lady Marmalade” for the movie called “Moulin Rouge”. The song became a huge hit all across the world. In addition, Pink is known as a vegetarian and a huge activist of animal rights.

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