Phil Ivey net worth

Phil Ivey net worth

Net Worth: $100 million

About Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey net worth is said to be around 100 million dollars. He is known to the public as the professional and a very successful poker player. He has earned his net worth through a series of successful poker tournaments basically. During the time that he has played, Phil Ivey has won numerous awards. He has won World Series Poker Bracelets tournament 8 times and he is also a winner of the World Poker Tour title. He started playing poker when

Phil Ivey worked in a telemarketing company in New Jersey. He used to play poker with his co-workers and they were really impressed by his abilities to play decent game of poker.

However, nobody would have realized at that time that Phil Ivey net worth would be so high as it is right now. Until this day, Phil Ivey has earned from tournaments alone around 13.8 million dollars. Moreover, if talking about his accomplishments, the poker player has won bracelets in the World Series of Poker in 2002, the Pot Limit Omaha and achieved a position in Top 25 in the WSOP Main Event. In 2009, Phil Ivey won against more than 147 players and got his 6th bracelet at the No-Limit Draw Lowball Event.

He won his last eight bracelet in at the 3000 Dollars H.O.R.S.E event, which also added some revenue to Phil Ivey net worth. However, not always his games were so successful. Phil Avey lost World championship Poker Tournaments several times but it was not for long and later he started winning again. At the L.A, Poker Classic in casino he won the check of 1.5 million dollars in prize and his success was gained back. Later on, Phil Ivey moved to play to Europe and he won the 7th place in European Poker Masters and got a check of 12.5 thousand dollars.

Also, he had some television appearances such as “Poker After Dark” where he won 120 thousand dollars at the Winners Take All “Earphones Please” tournament. However, he got defeated by Don Cheadle at the “National Heads Up Poker Championship”. Another show he appeared in was “High Stakes Poker” on GSN. He was in a team with some other poker players and he was playing against Texas Billionaire named Andy Beal in Limit Texas Hold’em Poker. After few days, Phil Ivey won 16 million dollars, which went to the total account of Phil Ivey net worth. Thus, it is obvious that he is a really talented and skillful poker player and he has a bright and wealthy future ahead of him.


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