Pharrell Williams net worth

Pharrell Williams net worth

Net Worth: $78 million

About Pharrell Williams

It has been recently announced that Pharrell Williams net worth is around 78 million dollars. Pharrell Williams was born in 1973 in Virginia, the United States. Most of Pharrell Williams net worth comes from his activities in music. He is a very successful recording artist, musician, producer and also a fashion line designer. Talking about his family, Pharrell Williams has 2 other siblings and he is the oldest of the three of the children. First of all, Pharrell Williams started off his career as a producer. He and one of his good childhood friends named Chad Hugo founded they own music record production firm which was entitled “The Neptunes”.

The company’s goal was to promote singers and artists of many different music styles and genres. The production company was his first attempt to accumulate Pharrell Williams net worth which the star has today. The most popular music styles which the company produced were hip-hop, R&B and pop music. Moreover, Pharrell Williams is a member in the group called “N.E.R.D.” where he performs as a leading singer and also plays drums. However, Pharrell Williams was more interested into performing by himself, therefore in 2003 he released his debut single which was called “Frontin”. Moreover, Pharrell Williams released his debut album called “In My Mind” three years later after the release of his first single.

In addition to his careers as a music producer and a singer, the star has also created two fashion lines. One of them is called “Billionaire Boys Club” and another one is “Ice Cream Footwear”. The biggest step in his fashion designer’s career is thought to be his collaboration with one of the most famous designers of today Louis Vuitton. He co-worked with the designer in creating jewelry and glasses line. Talking about his accomplishments and awards, Pharrell Williams has won 3 Grammy awards.

One of them was the winning in the category of producer of the year, the second one was in the category of best pop vocal album and the final one belonged to the category of best rap song, which was entitled “Money Maker”. In addition to Grammy awards, Pharrell Williams also won seven other awards. It seems that Pharrell Williams is going to stay in the music industry quite for a long time because he already has some plans in his mind about how to increase Pharrell Williams net worth.


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