Peyton Manning net worth

Peyton Manning net worth

Net Worth: $115 million

About Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning net worth is said to be around 115 million dollars and his annual salary reaches 28 million dollars, which are huge sums of money. Peyton Manning is known to the public as an American NFL quarterback. Peyton Manning began his professional football career in 1998, when he was drafted by the Colts to be first overall

pick. Before that, he had an impressive football career at the university where he studied. Most people at that time predicted that Peyton Manning would be a wonderful football player after several years and he actually became one of the best paid football quarterbacks. Moreover, Peyton Manning is the elder brother of Eli Manning, who is a quarterback at New York Giants club.

Archie Manning, the former NFL quarterback, is the father of both Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. Peyton Manning net worth is actually well earned. He set a lot of records, including 4.000 yards passing and he owns a record of most total seasons with 4.000 or more yards passing in a career. In 2009, Peyton Manning became recognized by critics and he was named as the best player of NFL by Sporting News. In addition to that, he was four times winner of the title Most Valuable Player.

Also, Payton was the leader of the Colts in 2006 during their Super Bowl victory against the Chicago Bears. In addition to his football career, Peyton Manning has appeared in a lot of commercials and has many endorsement deals and signed contracts with many companies such as Sony, ESPN, Spring, DirecTV, Master Card, Reebok and also Gatorade. An interesting fact is that Peyton Manning earns 8 million dollars per year only for his endorsement deals alone. Moreover, Peyton Manning voiced in one of the Simpsons series as his character together with his brothers Eli and Cooper. These activities other than football also add revenue to the total amount of Peyton Manning net worth.

Also, in 2007, the football player hosted one episode of the “Saturday Night Live” TV show. As soon as he started playing professionally, Peyton Manning established his own charity called “Peyback Foundation”, which was created in order to help and support disadvantaged children. So, overall, Peyton Manning earns a yearly salary of 28 million dollars, if we add those 8 million dollars coming from his endorsement deals and commercials. With him being wanted to advertise many other companies, it might be expected that Peyton Manning net worth is going to grow.


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