Peter Jackson net worth

Peter Jackson net worth

Net Worth: $400 million

About Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson net worth has been estimated to reach around 400 million dollars. Born in New Zealand, Peter Jackson is known to the public as a very successful and talented screen writer, film producer and director. These sources are the ones which bring millions of dollars to the overall amount of Peter Jackson net worth. Peter Jackson was the one who made a film adaptation of the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” which gained immense popularity all around the world and which influenced highly cinema industry.

The data which was published in 2012 stated that “The Lord of the Rings” achieved 4 billion dollars both in total and gross and from DVD sales. 180 million dollars of the revenue got from “The Lord of the Rings” went directly to Peter Jackson net worth which increased it by a mile. Peter Jackson has been involved into creating and producing films since 1970s. He has directed many other films besides “The Lord of the Rings”, such as “The Lovely Bones”, “Heavenly Creatures” and “King Kong”. “King Kong” was a huge hit and because he directed the film, Peter Jackson got 20 million dollars. In addition to that, he received 20 percent of the box office gross which also increased his net worth a lot.

The sum of money he got was the highest salary ever paid to a film director. The movie “King Kong” grossed around 600 million dollars internationally. In 2009, Peter Jackson was stated to have a net worth of 370 million dollars when he bought his new private jet Gulfstream G550. It has been said that the jet cost around 60 million dollars but it has not been proven yet. Moreover, Gulfstream G550 can seat 18 people and it can fly from New Zealand to the United States in a short amount of time without even having to land on the ground for fueling. Moreover, Peter Jackson is living in New Zealand in his private house which was said to cost around 5 million dollars.

It also has a lake and Frodo Baggins’ home set who was a star in “The Lord of the Rings”. Moreover, Peter Jackson whose full name is Peter Robert Jackson is known as the director of the film trilogy called “The Hobbit”. It was another film adaptation directed by the star. As his previous masterpiece, “The Hobbit” grossed huge sums of money both domestically and internationally, which also increased Peter Jackson net worth by a mile.


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