Paul Wall net worth

Paul Wall net worth

Net Worth: $5 million

About Paul Wall

It has been estimated that the overall amount of Paul Wall net worth reaches 12.5 million dollars. He has accumulated his net worth which he has today through a series of involvements such as being a rapper, DJ and promoter. Paul Wall whose real birth name is Paul Michael Slayton is also known as Zift in the entertainment industry. Paul Wall is signed to the label called Swishahouse Records under which he has released several successful albums which added financial success to the total amount of Paul Wall net worth.
In addition, he has collaborated with quite a few artists who are signed to the same label as he is. One of such collaborations was with the rapper named Chamillionaire with whom he has released the album called “Get Ya Mind Correct”. In 2005 he had a record deal signed with the Atlantic Records under which he released several recordings including “The Peoples Champ” and “Get Money, Stay True”.

After he finished high school, Paul Wall entered University of Houston where he studied mass communications for three years. Later, Paul Wall became friends with Chamillionaire. Together with him, they begged Watts to perform on his radio talk show and asked him if they could do a mix tape together. The mix tape was released in 1999 and it was entitled “Choppin Em Up Part 2”. At that time freestyle started to gain a lot of popularity and both Paul Wall and Chamillionaire gained a lot of success. They became well known in Houston mix tapes and recorded several mix tapes with Watts.
Due to such success, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire started collaborating with Swishahouse Records which also increased Paul Wall net worth. Later, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire created their own band called “The Color Changin’ Click”. The group’s title was thought of by Chamillionaire. The band became so successful that they even got a chance to record an album under Paid in Full Records which was a huge achievement for both of the rappers. Their debut album called ‘Get Ya Mind Correct” was a success, as well. 200 thousand copies of it were sold in the United States. The sales increased Paul Wall net worth a lot.
In addition, Paul Wall is also known as a promoter. He has worked on promoting various music labels including Cash Money Records, Def Jam Records and No Limit Records. He is also known as a DJ who is famous for his ‘screwed and chopped’ playing style.

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