Omarion net worth

Omarion net worth

Net Worth: $8 million

About Omarion

Omarion net worth has been stated to reach 8 million dollars. The biggest part of his net worth comes from singing, writing songs, music producing, dancing and acting. Born in 1984, Omarion whose real name is Omari Ishmael Grandberry was one of the members of the band called “B2K” which played R&B music. For some time, the band was the main source of the Omarion net worth. When he was only a child, Omarion was noticed by the music manager named Christopher B. Stokes who was really impressed by little Omarion’s singing abilities.

Later, Christopher B. Stokes added other members to Omarion and created the band known as “B2K”. However, after some years of successful singing and performing, the group members decided to go their own ways. One of the most successful albums as a solo singer Omarion released in 2010 which was his third album and which was titled “Ollusion”. The single from the album called “I Get It In” was a huge success in the United States and sold a lot of copies, which increased the overall amount of Omarion net worth. Omarion was born in California and he is the oldest child of Leslie Burrell and Trent Grandberry.
The singer has 6 siblings. When he was studying in school, he was playing for his football team and also showed his skills as a dancer. When he was five years old, he started performing in public. However, in a midway of his school years, Omarion decided to quit studying in order to concentrate on his career as a showman. For some time, he joined the band called “UAC” but soon quitted it because Omarion aspired to become a solo artist and focused more on his dancing and hip hop singing. Before he became a well known singer, Omarion appeared in quite a lot of TV commercials including “McDonalds” and “Kellogs Corn Pops”. In addition, Omarion performed in music videos of a girl band called “Before Dark”. His experience in his first major band “B2K” was of a huge importance when he decided to become solo.

A lot of that experience he passed on to his younger brother named O’Ryan who is also a singer. The band “B2K” consisted of four members and Omarion was the lead singer of it. The band’s first album gained less success than their second one, which even climbed to the Billboard charts. A single “Bump Bump Bump” from the second album even hit the Billboard chart with reaching the 1st position. The sales of it also increased the net worth of the members of the band, including Omarion net worth as well.


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