Natalie Portman net worth

Natalie Portman net worth

Net Worth: $32 million

About Natalie Portman

One of the most sought-after actresses of today Natalie Portman net worth has been stated to reach 32 million dollars, which also makes her one of the richest actresses of her generation. Natalie Portman who is also known as Natalie Hershlag is of Israeli and American origins. The first movies which gained her popularity are considered to be “Beautiful Girls” and “Anywhere But Here”, which brought the first millions of dollars to the overall amount of Natalie Portman net worth. Soon after, she was offered more acting jobs and films such as “V for Vendetta” and “Black Swan” gained her even more recognition and heightened her net worth a lot.

She started her professional acting career with her debut in the big screen when she was thirteen years old. It was the movie called “Leon: The Professional” produced by Luc Besson. In the movie, Natalie Portman starred together with big stars such as Jean Reno. Moreover, the actress is also remembered from the “Star Wars” trilogy, which increased Natalie Portman net worth by a mile. Born in Israel, Natalie Portman has received many awards and recognition. She was awarded the Golden Globe and Oscar awards, which means that she is loved not only by the audience but also by the film critics. Natalie Portman won the Oscar award for her role in the movie “Black Swan” directed by Darren Aronofsky.

The movie was a huge success both domestically and internationally and it increased the actress’s net worth a lot. Moreover, during the shooting of the “Black Swan”, Natalie Portman met her future husband Benjamin Millepied, who worked as a choreographer on the set. Together the couple has a son named Aleph. Born in 1981, Natalie Portman is not only an actress. She also seeks a career of a model, which is quite successful. In 1999, Natalie Portman started attending Harvard University, where she graduated in the degree of psychology. Moreover, it has to be noted that she was involved into acting and studies simultaneously.

In 2005, Natalie Portman was nominated to get an Academy Award for the supporting role. In the same year, the actress won Golden Globe award for the supporting role in the movie “Closer”. In addition, Natalie Portman was chosen to appear in the historical dramas entitled “Goya’s Ghosts” released in 2006 and “The Other Boleyn Girl” released in 2008. Thus, with getting more and more offers to appear in various films, Natalie Portman net worth is expected to increase.


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