Nas net worth

Nas net worth

Net Worth: $30 million

About Nas

NAS net worth is said to be around 30 million dollars, which is not a miniscule sum of money at all. NAS, whose real name is Nasir Bin Olu Daren Jones, is an American rapper and also an actor, thus his net worth comes from both of his careers. He was born in 1973 in New York City. His passion for music started in his young days when he was

fascinated by his father’s playing. His father was a jazz musician from Mississippi. NAS was only four years old when he started to play musical instruments and at that time nobody would have ever guessed that Nas net worth would be as high as it is right now. The first instrument he learnt to play was a trumpet.

When he was only 9 years old, NAS became interested into rapping and started writing his own songs of that genre. However, one of the unhappiest periods in his life was when his parents divorced and this family tragedy made him a school dropout while the boy was only in the 8th grade. NAS became very involved into music and he asked his friend Will Graham to be a DJ for him. Later, NAS decided that he needs some stage name in order to appear in public and his first attempt to cal himself was Kid wave. But some time later, he changed his stage name into Nasty NAS.

He was spotted in 1991, when he performed in Main Sources Live at the Barbecue. This performance led to him being appreciated and he was named a child prodigy and some people even started speculating what Nas net worth is going to be after he becomes a huge and famous personality. In 1992, he got a contract deal with a record company and released his debut single called “Halftime”. Soon after the whole Untied States were impressed by his ability to rap and many people became obsessed with NAS and his talent.

It is understandable that his first single was a big success and brought a lot of money to Nas net worth. In 1994, NAS album called “Illmatic” was released and the sales of it went really well. From the album, there were 7 singles which were quite popular and NAS album was regarded as a special collection of music. He also released much more albums such as “It Was Written”, “Nastradamus”, “Stillmatic” or “From Illmatic To Stillmatic”. Therefore, it is obvious that NAS is getting quite a huge amount of money from his album sales and overall music career, which adds to Nas net worth.


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