Nancy Pelosi net worth

Nancy Pelosi net worth

Net Worth: $5 million

About Nancy Pelosi

One of the most popular American politicians Nancy Pelosi net worth has been announced to have an estimate of 35.5 million dollars. She has accumulated her net worth through being a House Minority Leader. In addition, Nancy Pelosi is known as a United States Representative from 8th district of California. These positions helped to increase the overall amount of Nancy Pelosi net worth a lot.
In 2007, Nancy Pelosi was promoted to be a Speaker of the House. She stayed in this position till 2011. This position was also important to her in a sense that during this time Nancy Pelosi was ranked as the most successful female politician in the United States.

Nancy Pelosi was born in Maryland in 1940. For one year, 2002-2003, Nancy Pelosi was elected to be a House Minority Whip. In 2003, Nancy Pelosi became the House Minority Leader, as mentioned before. She stayed in this position till 2007. Also, this position helped to accumulate the overall amount of Nancy Pelosi net worth a lot. Currently, Nancy Pelosi is known as belonging to the Democratic Party of the United States. In 2010, she was chosen to be the Leader of the party. It made her to be the Minority Leader of the Republican House for the 112th Congress.
Nancy Pelosi is known to be of Italian and American origins. Some of her family members were also involved into politics. For example, her father who is named Thomas d’Alesandro Jr, was aslo a Democrat in the Congress of the United States. In addition, he also served as a mayor of Maryland, where Nancy Pelosi was also born. In addition, Nancy Pelosi’s borther Thomas d’Alesandro III was also involved in politics. He, as well as his father, served as a mayor of Baltimore between the years 1967-1971. However, when it was time to elect a mayor for the second term, Nancy Pelosi’s brother declined.
After finishing high school, Nancy Pelosi enrolled into Trinity College in Washington DC, where she studied political sciences which brought huge financial success to Nancy Pelosi net worth. In 1963, Nancy Pelosi married Paul Pelosi who is an American businessman. Paul Pelosi is also known as the owner of the Sacramento Mountain Lions which is a team playing in the United Football League. Together with Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi has five children and also eight grandchildren. Currently, she together with her family is living in San Francisco.

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