Muhammad Ali net worth

Muhammad Ali net worth

Net Worth: $80 million

About Muhammad Ali

One of the most famous and successful box players in the history of boxing Muhammad Ali net worth has been estimated to reach around 80 million dollars. However, today Muhammad Ali is retired from this career, which brought millions of dollars to his net worth. Muhammad Ali was born in Kentucky in 1942. His real name is Cassius Marcellus Clay.

Talking about his family, his father worked as a painter of billboard signs and his mother was a stay-at-home mother, who raised both Cassius and his younger brother. His involvement into boxing is quite funny. He was twelve years old when his bike was stolen and for that he beat a boy who did that. At that point Muhammad Ali realized that he can stand for himself by using his strength. Muhammad Ali was noticed by a box trainer named Fred Stoner, who partially made him famous and if it was not for him, maybe today Muhammad Ali net worth would not be as high as it is now. In care of Fred Stoner, Muhammad Ali won numerous awards, which include six Golden Gloves in Kentucky, an Amateur Athletic Junior Title and even two Golden Gloves at a National level competition.

However, the award which is most important for the retired boxer is the Gold medal which he got during light heavyweight competition in Olympics, which happened in 1960. As an amateur, Muhammad Ali received over 100 winnings, which also add to the overall amount of Muhammad Ali net worth. Furthermore, Muhammad Ali was quite successful during his reign in the boxing because he lost competitions only 5 times. After a huge winning in Olympics, Muhammad Ali came back to Louisville, the United States, where he got even more involved into boxing and trained almost every day. Also, he gained so much experience that nobody could defeat him for three whole years.

Moreover, 15 of his competitions out of 19 resulted into being complete knock outs, which increased not only his popularity but also Muhammad Ali net worth. Most of his success is because of his height and figure. Most of the boxers who are similar to him usually try to defeat their opponents while using hands in order to defend their faces, whereas Muhammad Ali used a different technique. The boxer used his hands lower as opposed to other boxers and used his quick moves in order to prevent being hit by his opponents. This led to him being the main star on the boxing ring and everybody feared to play against him.


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