Mitt Romney net worth

Mitt Romney net worth

Net Worth: $250 million

About Mitt Romney

Nobody would dare to argue with the fact that Mitt Romney is one of the richest men in the world. People even have speculated that in a case of his election as a president on November 6, 2012, he might become the wealthiest men who have ever been in such a position. But the most important question which bothers

the minds of many people is Mitt Romney net worth. Some sources have announced that all of his assets, including financial assets and others and excluding all debts, combine around 250 million dollars.

To some people this number might seem a lot, however, to others Mitt Romney net worth seems very little. When you take into consideration all the characteristics of the age of the industry when he made his wealth, Mitt Romney for sure is thought to have had more than that. He made his wealth in the years 1980 – 1990 and at that time his peers made more money than Mitt Romney, therefore, many people would think that his net worth should be higher than 250 million dollars.

Thus, another question which bothers the minds of many people is why he has not made a bigger fortune. Firstly, Mitt Romney made it difficult to assess his net worth and all the information about Mitt Romney net worth is a little bit speculative and maybe a little imprecise. However, there are some things about Mitt Romney which are known to everybody.

It is well-known that he made his biggest fortune in 1984 when he established private-equity firm called “Bain Capital” and which is one of the premier firms in the whole world. He was in charge of it for almost 15 years and made a huge amount of money during that time. The most fortunate investments, which belong to “Bain Capital”, include such organizations and companies as “Staples”, “Domino Pizza”, “Dunkin’ Donuts” and “The Weather Channel”. Another thing which is widely known about “Bain Capital” is that the firm charged its investors 50 percent higher than firms similar to “Bain Capital”, which were its major competitors.

In addition to that, Mitt Romney net worth is also associated with such things as his ability to charge his investors 3 percent fee of the money under management instead of the 2 normal percent fee and 30 percents of profits of the privilege to invest in “Bain Capital” deals instead of the normal 20 percents. However, this does not come easily. Some investors such as pension funds, university endowments and bigger foundations do not obey to Mitt Romney’s rules that easily. Thus, it seems that Mitt Romney net worth is achieved by his hard work and ability to talk his investors into huge deals.

Mitt Romney Net Worth

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