Miranda Cosgrove net worth

Miranda Cosgrove net worth

Net Worth: $7 million

About Miranda Cosgrove

One of the youngest and most successful stars in the acting business Miranda Cosgrove net worth has an estimate of 7 million dollars. Moreover, she is said to get 180 thousand dollars for every episode of “iCarly” where the actress plays the main role. In addition to her acting career, Miranda Cosgrove net worth also increases because of her successful career in singing.

The films where the actress appeared and gained a lot of popularity and public recognition involve “Keeping Up With the Steins”, “Yours Mine and Ours”, “School of Rock” and “Despicable Me”, where she voiced one of the little girls in the animated movie. Moreover, she was also offered a job to voice another character on the animated movie based on computer. The film was entitled “Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie”. All the films brought a lot of money and part of it went directly to the overall amount of Miranda Cosgrove net worth.

However, the actress is still best known for her role in the TV series called “iCarly” and also another TV show entitled “Drake and Josh”. Miranda Cosgrove is a big sought after star when talking about various sitcom TV series. She has also appeared in “Zoe 101”, “Just Jordan” and “Big Time Rush”. Miranda Cosgrove began involved into acting when the girl was only three years old. At that time, Miranda Cosgrove appeared in many TV commercials and did it quite successful and everybody in the filming area noticed the true potential of the little star. Her first big role was in 2005 when Miranda Cosgrove was chosen to act in the pilot of the TV show “Smallville”.

In the TV show, the little Miranda Cosgrove portrayed a role of a girl named Lana Lang. Her first big movie was called “School of Rock” which grossed around 131 million dollars internationally. In the movie, Miranda Cosgrove was selected to act as Summer Hathaway and she did her job quite successfully because after her appearance in “School of Rock”, Miranda Cosgrove was offered many other jobs in acting. In the film “School of Rock”, the actress confronted one of the most difficult things to do – to sing badly. The actress had been taking singing lessons for five years non stop and to sing out of tune was something which was really difficult for her. Nevertheless, the actress managed to act like she is a bad singer and the movie increased the total amount of Miranda Cosgrove net worth.


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