Mike Epps net worth

Mike Epps net worth

Net Worth: $6 million

About Mike Epps

It has been announced that Mike Epps net worth reaches an estimate of 6 million dollars. He is known as being involved in music and acting industries. Mike Epps is a singer, rapper, producer, actor and comedian which all increase the overall amount of Mike Epps net worth. He started his comedian career as a stand-up comic.
Mike Epps is mostly known because of his appearances in the “Next Friday” and its sequel “Friday After Next” where he played a character of Day-Day Jones. One of his most recent roles has been in the film “Hangover” where he played a role of ‘Black Doug’. The movie became an international hit and increased the overall amount of Mike Epps net worth. In the movie “Open Season 2”, Mike Epps voiced a character of Boog, however his voice was replaced in the sequel of the movie’s third part.

Mike Epps started to be interested in comedy when he was only a child. As soon as he became a teenager, Mike Epps started to perform as a stand-up comedian. The actor moved to Atlanta from Indianapolis. In Atlanta, he started working at the Comedy Act Theater. In 1995, Mike Epps moved to Brooklyn where he appeared in Def Comedy Jam. He became a regular member on it and became a part of its tour. In addition, Mike Epps appeared in Def Comedy Jam TV shows on the HBO channel. With his involvement in Def Comedy Jam, Mike Epps started his professional career as a comedian.
Later, he turned into acting, as well. In 1997, Mike Epps starred in “Strays” produced by Vin Diesel. What is even more, he was chosen to act in the movie “Next Friday” which was a breakthrough for Mike Epps, who before that was already known as a stand-up comedian. The movie also increased the total amount of Mike Epps net worth. In 2001, Mike Epps voiced a character of Sonny in the movie “Dr. Doolittle 2”. In the same year, the actor appeared in the film “How High” where he portrayed a role of Baby Powder who was a pimp. In addition, in “How High” Mike Epps starred alongside Redman and Method Man.
In 2010, Mike Epps released his own stand-up comedy TV show called “Under Rated and Never Faded”. In the same year, he was chosen to be a host of the BET Hip Hop Awards. Mike Epps is mostly known as a comedian who uses a lot of personal features in his stand-up comedy performances which add a lot to his financial success.

mike epps net worth mike epps net worth

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