Miguel Cotto net worth

Miguel Cotto net worth

Net Worth: $15 million

About Miguel Cotto

It has been announced that the total amount of Miguel Cotto net worth reaches 15 million dollars. He has accumulated his net worth through being a professional boxer. Born in Puerto Rico, Miguel Cotto’s real birth name is Miguel Angel Cotto Vazquez, however in sports he is mostly referred to as simply Miguel Cotto.
Miguel Cotto is mostly known as a champion of WBA Light Middleweigth competition to the public. He is also known because of his family relations. Jose Miguel Cotto is his older brother and Abner Cotto is his cousin. Miguel Cotto has won three weight divisions championships four times, which included light welterweight, light middleweight as well as welterweight. Therefore, boxing is one of the most important sources of Miguel Cotto net worth.

In 2004, the important boxing match was between Miguel Cotto and Kelson Pinto, who is known as a talented boxer from Brazil. It has to be mentioned that it was the third time when the two met in the ring, with the two previous ones ending with the winning of Kelson Pinto. For the third time, the duo participated in the fight in order to get a title of the WBO Light Welterweight. Also, the first two fights between them happened that both of them were still amateurs in boxing.
The third fight was filmed and showed on the HBO channel. It took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where the majority of the audience was cheering for Miguel Cotto, knowing the fact that he was born in Puerto Rico. In the sixth round, Miguel Cotto won the fight. During the fight, the boxer succeeded in scoring three knockdowns. The fight also increased the total amount of Miguel Cotto net worth.
In 2004, he succeeded again in fighting against the previous champion Randall Bailey. Once again, the winning of Miguel Cotto happened in the sixth round of the fight. It has been noticed that Miguel Cotto won because of his accuracy and hand speed. This resulted into Randall Bailey getting cuts above and under his eyes. Due to this, Randall Bailey even got to see his doctor. In the same year, Miguel Cotto was named the fighter of the year by the Puerto Rican Boxing Commission.
In 2005, Miguel Cotto had to defend his title once more and this time it was against Demarcus Corley. However, the fight was stopped by the referee after both of the fighters were deducted points because of illegal low blows. Nevertheless, Miguel Cotto is still considered one of the best fighters and boxers in the field which increases Miguel Cotto net worth a lot.

miguel cotto net worth miguel cotto net worth

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