Mick Jagger net worth

Mick Jagger net worth

Net Worth: $300 million

About Mick Jagger

One of the biggest megastars in the entertainment industry and music especially Mick Jagger net worth is said to be around 300 million dollars. Most of his net worth comes directly from his music career. Mick Jagger was born in England in 1943. His full name is Michael Philip Jagger. All in all, the musician has 7 children – Jade, Georgia, Karis, Elizabeth, Lucas, Jim and Gabriel. Talking about his education, he graduated in London School of

Economics, which has basically nothing to do with his current career.

Mick Jagger is a singer, musician, record and film producer and actor. He is successful in all of his activities which bring loads of money to Mick Jagger net worth. In 2012 The Sunday Times UK Rich List announced his net worth which was not surprising and shocking to almost anybody because he is known as a really talented and well-paid musician and he is worth it. Mick Jagger is best known as a leader in the group “The Rolling Stones”, which received almost 2 billion dollars from tours only since 1989.

In addition to his music career, Mick Jagger has also produced and acted in various films, which also add up to the total amount of Mick Jagger net worth. Mick Jagger has been know to public for almost 50 years and he still maintains himself to be talked about. Moreover, he still appears in various TV shows from time to time, so it is true when people say that legends cannot be forgotten. However, Mick Jagger felt that he needed to start a solo career and in 1985 he released his first solo album.

It was called “She’s the Boss”. In 2007, Mick Jagger joined the group “SuperHeavy” which mainly plays the electric music style. However, he is mostly associated with the “Rolling Stones” group. In two years of touring, the group played in 147 shows for over 4.5 million people and their recent tour grossed the most out of all “Rolling Stones” touring, which reached 558 million dollars. However, the touring did not go without accidents.

The guitarist of the group Keith Richards fell out of the coconut tree while being on holiday and needed a surgery in order to get well. There is a quote about Mick Jagger, which states that his style of performance “opened up definitions of gendered masculinity and so laid the foundations for self-invention and sexual plasticity which are now an integral part of contemporary youth culture”. Thus, it is obvious that Mick Jagger is treated respectfully and Mick Jagger net worth proves all of it.

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