Michael Phelps net worth

Michael Phelps net worth

Net Worth: $45 million

About Michael Phelps

The greatest and the most successful swimmer in the history Michael Phelps net worth has been stated to have an estimate of 45 million dollars. Michael Phelps has achieved fourteen Olympic Gold Medals.

Born in 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland, Michael Phelps started to get interested in swimming when he was 7 years old. At this time, a lot of people started realizing his true potential in this sport area. When he was only fifteen years old, he went to trials to the Olympic Summer Team in 2000 and was chosen to compete in it.
Moreover, at the Olympic Games at Beijing in 2008, Michael Phelps broke records with winning eight Gold Medals. Such achievements increase Michael Phelps net worth a lot, too. In addition, it has been announced that so far Michael Phelps has broken 37 world records in swimming. People think that he is going to break eve more of them. This belief might come from the fact that during the first two Olympic Games in which the swimmer participated he won seventeen medals. Six Gold Medals and Two Silver Medals were won in the Olympic Games organized in Athens and Eight Gold Medals were won in Beijing Olympic Games.
During his all career in swimming, he has won more than 20 medals. In addition, the swimmer holds records in the categories of swimming 200-metter butterfly, 100-metter butterfly, 400-meter individual medley, 200-meter freestyle and 200-metter individual medley. Michael Phelps is also considered to be as one of the participants in Olympic Games who won most of the medals.
In 2008 Olympic Games his performance was so successful that because of it the magazine Sports Illustrated gave him the award of the Sportsman of the Year. After his success in 2008 Olympic Games, Michael Phelps established his own organization Michael Phelps Foundation, whose aim is to popularize the sport of swimming and also to promote healthy lifestyle.
Michael Phelps was born to his mother who was a school principal and father who was a Maryland State trooper and tried his luck in football. However, his parents divorced and his father married another woman. Michael Phelps began to get interested into swimming due to the influence of his sisters and also he saw it as a place to release his energy. A decision to take swimming lessons was a well thought of, if you take a look at Michael Phelps net worth.

michael phelps net worth michael phelps net worth

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