Michael Moore net worth

Michael Moore net worth

Net Worth: $50 million

About Michael Moore

One of the most popular film makers in the entertainment industry Michael Moore net worth has been estimated to reach 50 million dollars, which is a huge amount of money. However, he has a lot of scandals and gossips floating around him, which makes him to be one of the most controversial people in the film making industry. Nevertheless, it brings more and more dollars to the overall amount of Michael Moore net worth. Michael Moore is a pro in making documentaries and a lot of them achieved major success and got many awards.

Talking about box office records, three of his best movies include “Bowling for Columbine”, “Fahrenheit 911” and “Capitalism a Love Story”, which grossed huge sums worldwide. Talking about one of these movies, “Fahrenheit 911”, received 3 million dollars in DVD sales. Another 230 million dollars were gotten out of selling tickets in theatres. Such huge sum also added to the total amount of Michael Moore net worth. However, it has to be born in mind, that the sales from the tickets were reduced by 50 percent, because theatres take such amount of money to themselves. It leaves around 130 million dollars out of those 230 million dollars; however it is still considered not a bad sum of money.

But another thing has to be taken into consideration – out of these 130 million dollars, Michael Moore got around 80 million dollars because another 50 million dollars were taken by marketing, production and distribution companies for the expenses they made. After seeing how much his revenue might be affected and reduced, Michael Moore signed a contract with Miramax Company. It gave him a guarantee that the film maker would be able to get 27 percent of his films incomes. Moreover, Michael Moore got a guarantee to receive 50 percent of the Sicko profits and overall it meant that the film maker could receive 17 million dollars.

In addition to his movie making career, Michael Moore net worth also increases from him being an author. He has sold many of his books, which proves that he has a talent not only to create movies but also to write books. Furthermore, Michael Moore got 1 million dollars in advance for his book which was entitled “Dude Where’s My Country”. One of the most interesting facts about him is that for financing one of his documentaries which was called “Roger and Me”, Michael Moore paid for it by hosting bingo nights in his hometown.


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