Michael Jordan net worth

Michael Jordan net worth

Net Worth: $500 million

About Michael Jordan

According to Forbes Magazine Billionaires in the Making, Michael Jordan net worth is one of the highest in the circuit of celebrities. Michael Jordan is a former professional one of the most successful basketball players of all time and now he owns the Charlotte Bobcats.

He is also a very successful business man and his worth was estimated as 500 million dollars in September, 2010. During his career as a basketball player, he was said to earn as many as 93 million dollars in his salary.

Now most of Michael Jordan net worth includes his deal with the company “Nike”. Moreover, the stake in the NBA Charlotte Bobcats was raised up to 80 percent in 2010, which added to the overall amount of Michael Jordan net worth. Michael Jordan is also considered to be the most successful entrepreneur in sports of all time. But the most lucrative deal which he has and the one which brings more and more money to his account is his deal with Nike, which even made a personalized fashion line of Michael Jordan called “Air Jordan”. Forbes has announced that the sale of “Air Jordan” trainers adds more and more money not only to “Nike” account but also to Michael Jordan net worth. “Air Jordan” brand has incomes more than 1 billion dollars for the company. Also, the former basketball stars owns huge deals with companies such as “Gatorade”, “Coca-cola” and “McDonalds”.

In addition to that, Michael Jordan even started his actor career in the film alongside with the “Looney Tunes” cartoon character Bugs Bunny and the movie was called “Space Jam”, which added also some cash to his overall net worth. Michael Jordan is one of the most popular people in the world and it is obvious that with popularity huge amount of money comes to his assets.

Today the former basketball player is said to earn at least 40 million dollars per year even if he has not won any major championship for the last decades. When we come back to his earlier days when he was the member of the most successful basketball teams in the United States, Michael Jordan earned 30 million dollars every year and set records which were not achievable by many basketball stars of his time. Michael Jordan owns a record of the highest basketball scoring average of all time.

Also, his fans can find their idol’s name in the Hall of Fame and this fact definitely adds to the overall amount of Michael Jordan net worth.

Michael Jordan Net Worth Michael Jordan Net Worth

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