Michael Jackson net worth

Michael Jackson net worth

Net Worth: $600 million

About Michael Jackson

The most popular musician of all time Michael Jackson net worth has been stated to have an estimate of 600 million dollars. His net worth was calculated at the time of his death in 2009. Moreover, the last single of Michael Jackson called “This Is It” was released right after his death. The same song was released years before, in 1983 together with Paul Anka. At that time, the single was a great success and added a lot of money to the overall amount of Michael Jackson net worth. The documentary of the same title, “This Is It”, was released after the death of the star and it was a major hit in many different countries.

During his life time Michael Jackson earned around 500 million dollars from his musical career, songwriting, touring, concerts, music videos and endorsement deals, which made a huge part of Michael Jackson net worth.
Moreover, the star was known as one of the owners of Sony/ATV. His ownership was calculated to reach around 1 billion dollars. However, some people believe that it was worth more than that and this is true. At first, it reached 1.5 billion dollars. However, knowing the fact that Michael Jackson was a fan of a lavish living, a huge part of the money he wasted on various things. For example, Michael Jackson spent 15 million dollars on a Neverland Ranch.
In addition, Michael Jackson had to pay 20 million dollars for a child molestation lawsuit. Moreover, 65 million dollars were spent on various video projects, including collaboration with Stephen King in the movie called “Ghosts”. Michael Jackson also had some unpaid taxes which overall reached around 5 million dollars. The pop star is known as the one who liked to get a lot of trinkets, such as diamond encrusted gloves, antiques, clothes, cars and many other things. In addition, the overall amount of his debts reaches as high as 400 million dollars.
In addition, there have been some rumors that Michael Jackson’s real estate is worth as much as his net worth, 600 million dollars.
However, when talking about financial matters, Michael Jackson always seemed quite naïve. Right before his death, he believed that his successful comeback to the scene will fix all his debts and bring back millions of dollars to the total amount of Michael Jackson net worth. However, nothing got fixed after his death and now lawyers are billing about the series of his debts, partnerships and private deals.

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