Method Man net worth

Method Man net worth

Net Worth: $14 million

About Method Man

One of the most prominent people in the hip hop world Method Man net worth has an estimate of 14 million dollars, which makes him to be attributed to the list of the richest people in the hip hop world. Method Man whose real life name is Clifford Smith is not only a hip hop singer. In addition to that, Method Man net worth comes from other involvements including acting, producing music and one of the members of “Wu-Tang” collective. Born in 1972, Method Man is actually part of the team Rap Duo, which consists of him and another artist named Redman.

A lot of people wonder from where the hip hop artist got such a name. It was thought of because of the character in the movie called “The Fearless Young Boxer” which was released in 1979. Method Man signed a contract with the Def Jam music label. His first album called “Tical” was produced by “Def Jam” and it was released in 1994. It was a huge hit in the United States with selling around 1 million copies, which also increased the Method Man net worth. Talking about his awards and accomplishments, Method Man was a winner at Grammy awards ceremony in the category of The Best Rap Performance By Duo. It was the song called “I’ll be There For You” which garnered him and his duet partner Mary J Blige the Grammy award.

In addition, he is not only a successful hip hop artist, but also a great actor. Method Man appeared in movies such as “How High” and “Belly”. Moreover, he was selected by the channel HBO to act in drama movie called “The Wire”. So, with these two careers – singing and acting – going quite well, Method Man pays the same amount of attention to each of them. Also, there are some rumors that by now the net worth of Method Man reach around 30 million dollars. According to the website, Method Man was attributed to the list of the Top 50 MCs of the years 1987-2007. Furthermore, Method Man got roles in movies such as “Garden State” and “The Wackness”.

One of his most recent works includes his appearance in the film called “Red Tails” produced by George Lucas. Moreover, the earlier mentioned duo with Redman had their own TV show called “Method and Red” which was aired on the Fox channel and which added lots of money to the overall amount of Method Man net worth, because the TV show was watched by millions of people in the United States.


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