Martha Stewart net worth

Martha Stewart net worth

Net Worth: $650 million

About Martha Stewart

One of the legends in the entertainment industry Martha Stewart net worth has been estimated to reach 650 million dollars. The biggest part of Martha Stewart net worth comes from her business industry, which includes many different things such as TV shows, magazine publications and various products for household. In addition to that, the star also is a host of one radio show broadcasted via satellite. Also, Martha Stewart is known to the public as an author of many cookbooks, which are common almost in every kitchen in the United States.

The sales of them are really high and they increase a lot the overall amount of Martha Stewart net worth. In addition, the author has written many instruction books of house decoration and how to maintain your household safe and clean. Her first book was released to public in 1983. Born in 1941, Martha Stewart whose full name is Martha Helen Kostyra is seen as an iconic figure in the American culture and society. She is also known as a very successful business mogul, who created a company called “Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia”.

Her magazine entitled “Martha Stewart Living” has one of the highest sales amongst all the magazines and her talk show called “Martha Stewart Show” is aired all around the world. Born in New Jersey to a middle class family, Martha Stewart is of Polish origin. When she was still young, she used to babysit children of players of the New York Yankees team.

Also, Martha Stewart helped to organize their children birthday parties. When she was fifteen years old, Martha Stewart began to get involved into modeling career and appeared in some TV commercials. In addition, at a very early age she got interested into cooking and sewing which her mother taught her how to do. When she was visiting her grandparents, Martha Stewart learnt how to can and preserve food. In addition, her father’s interest was gardening and landscape design, which he also taught his daughter. Martha Stewart graduated in art, architectural history and also European history subjects. Soon after, she met her future husband Andrew Stewart, whom she married in 1961. The couple moved to live to Connecticut, where they bought a farmhouse, which later was used as a studio for her own TV shows. In 1976, Martha Stewart began catering business in the house together with her friend from her younger days Norma Collier. Food industry later became one of the main spheres which brought millions of dollars to the total amount of Martha Stewart net worth.


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